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Hi guys! This is your friendly neighborhood Puppetmaster here, saying THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for playing The Wall Will Fall. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege.

We are currently conducting a post-mortem for the game in the forums. We’re encouraging discussion about the game, hoping to learn more from the experience by being open with our players (for once). If you’d like to take part in it, or just watch the proceedings, it can be found here.

Again, thank you all so much for a wonderful experience. We hope you had fun!

–The Puppetmasters


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After about a week’s worth of work, Ed was able to hack into Mr. A’s chat client. I finally got some straight answers out of him, though…some were not what I had expected.


Puppetmaster’s Note: The credit reel in this video contains music written by the players. It is included with the permission of the player who edited it.

To anyone just stumbling across the game archives now:

We are aware that the song was created by players leaning into cheap mics, not in a sound booth by professional singers. But that was besides the point when we decided to include it. The song symbolized the players working together as a team.

They wrote it and sang it and edited it all without any expectation that it would affect the game.

By including it in the credit roll, we paid tribute to all the hard work they did to save the world.


A new perspective

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So, now that the Cabal did something heroic, and may even be dead, things have changed. I mean, maybe things changed a while ago, and I didn’t notice until now. I was scared. You don’t see things clearly when you’re scared, I guess.

Edward and I have been talking a lot, and now that there’s less to be afraid of, I’m starting to see some truth to the things he’s been saying. Trust in Mr. Administrator might–or might not–be slightly misplaced. We don’t know yet. We’re working on a way to find out.

I want to say thanks to Mr. Administrator either way, though, because the world didn’t end. So he told us at least most of the truth. And we all owe him our thanks for that, no matter what.

Oh hey, I noticed the site went down a little bit ago! Guess some of the things Edward is trying to do are a little… risky. But he promises that he’s going to find a way to get Mr. A to answer our questions.

We punched out Cthulhu!

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This is mostly a recap for those who missed the end of the crisis, but I’m sure more things will come to light soon about how all of this happened.

I put it best in this video:

So, as I said at the end, Edward and I are pretty sure that Mr. A is STILL hiding something, even after all this. Here’s why:


And this is for those of you who never heard the audio from when Poirot helped Sicon defeat the Witch.

Thanks for sticking around, guys. You kept me going when things got rough. I’ll never forget what you helped me get through.

Recorder Found

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So, I just got an email from someone who found a recording device, apparently left in a public place. They want our help figuring out whose it is, so we can arrange a meeting to get it back to the owner.

The finder sent me the files on it, in no particular order. I didn’t get a chance to listen to them yet. Anyone want to take a look? If it’s one of our fictionals, we should get in touch with whoever owned this.


A “new” letter

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I’ve been looking through my mail since I got home. It’s mostly bills, but I did get one interesting letter from someone who was already sent back. It’s unclear if this was simply a message to me, or if this was the refictionalization story which sent this character back. Possibly both.

To whom it may concern,

I suppose this is goodbye, though you’ve likely never met me. It is with no small amount of trepidation and hesitance that I write this letter, but also a kind of relief. I have grown weary: weary in the most terrible, crushing manner, and I find I must give words to my weariness.

I am old. Or rather, I was always old, and the world for a time refused to grow old with me. A hundred years could pass and I could still rise at sundown, don my finest cloak, and walk unperturbed through the night streets. My pleasures unchanging, reactive to the seemingly immutable world. The same prudishness permeated civilization for centuries, instilling my perversion with a grim, satisfying purpose. Just as I took pleasure from their blood, so too did I take pleasure from ravishing their bodies, feeling their wrists become limp, their legs give way as I gently lowered them to the ground to be found at morning’s first light. It was good. I was pleased. What matter that I had to skulk in shadows, to linger in the dark places of the earth? It was a thorn in my side that I enjoyed prickling against, letting it fill me with disgust, then ripping it away.

But that was a long time ago, before I came to this world, this modern world. Such openness, such freedom. It was my heaven made real. Women and men giving themselves over to the throes of passion, embracing the jouissance of tearing down the self-righteous masters of society. Rebellion, anarchy, the mask of sanity draped over everything and everyone. I fed, and I fed, and I fed, but though it sated my hunger, I soon longed for something more.

This world moves too quickly, too brightly. I am a creature of shadow and mist. Where I was a tyrant once feared, now I am now one of countless. Modesty is gone, and I have nothing to take pleasure in sullying. What is left to corrupt, to liberate, when all the world is free and open? My power is gone. I cannot shock, and without that, I have no pleasure. The people are dulled to my leavings. A woman found in the park, a man found leaning against a lonely streetlamp, these have become pedestrian. My name can still incite fear, but it is not the same fear that tears at their soul, that makes them fear for not just their lives, but their immortal souls. This is not my home, not my place. It never was, and I was a fool to think otherwise.

And with that, I find myself called to another place.

I’m leaving now, and I do not know if I shall ever return. The roles have reversed, the pendulum finally swung the other way. I am the old man tottering along in world that neither remembers me nor cares. I think I would like to go to sleep, a long sleep where I could feel the centuries roll by. Who knows if I’ll ever wake up? But then…yes, who can say? Maybe one day the pendulum shall swing again, and when that day gives way to night, you would do well to stay indoors.

-Count Vladimir Dragulia

So yeah. Lots of stuff

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Hello, all. Really big news. A ton of new echoes have been found! We have echoes forwarded from the University of Baltimore, The Old Customs House in Portsmouth, and the Woodland Park Zoo, Austin, and a few other places.

Sorry about the late update, guys. I was still getting used to the whole technical side of running a website. Happily, I won’t have to do that anymore.

I’m concerned about the ongoing search for the wall pieces, but Edward and I agreed not to fight about this for at least 27 hours, so I won’t bring it up. (27 might seem oddly specific to some of you, but this is what you get when you compromise.)

Even I have to admit the wall pieces do look seriously cool.

Also, Pan was apparently refictionalized! Maybe? The video cuts out, so… guess we gotta wait, and hope Ron doesn’t forget to use his TiVo.

I’m especially excited that the first Cabal echo was found. They took efforts not to reveal those, so this is a serious step forward.

Looks like everyone except Morgan, Moriarty, the Phantom, and the Witch are ready to go back. Let’s finish this thing!

I’m the only admin now, I guess.

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So you can expect me to be around a bit more. I’ll be learning stuff as fast as I can, so…sorry if I’m not as good as Edward.


…why is this video tinier than the rest? Ugh. I hate HTML.

Thoughts on this whole thing

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Goodbye, Sweeney!

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Things really have been ramping up lately. It looks like you we’ve had our first successful refictionalization with Sweeney Todd, thanks to Qara-Xuan Zenith’s wonderful poem! As soon as Sweeney’s therapist read it to him, it seems like he was returned across the wall to his story. Thanks for the hard work, Qara.

The therapist was nice enough to post an audio recording of the session here. Sadly it looks like she’s retiring from the digital frontier, but I think we’re all glad for her help in making this possible. For more info, check out her most recent post.

Mr. A has given us another video with words of encouragement and an ominous warning:

Is also looks like Sherlock Holmes, Gulliver, and Adam Frankenstein are all ready to be sent home. We have a lot of work ahead of us with all of these characters, but I’m sure we can do it! Let’s send them all home and close this wall for good.