“Sending them Back”

Posted: 30th October 2012 by averagejoe in Uncategorized

Mr. Administrator has decided to share the results of his research with us — and it’s a whopper. It sounds like he’s successfully found a way to send the fictional characters back! Judging from the video description, he’s already run this method on a few of the characters I spotted in my videos — Cinderella and Cerberus alike — but he needs our help with the characters that have established a greater presence here.

 Mr. A has created a thread where he can answer questions about the process here.

We  know now why the Echoes are so important to locate — aside from the fact that they could potentially cause more damage, of course. Looks like we should double down our efforts on finding these — there are quite a few that are still floating out there. Cheshire apparently just released one today.

Mr. A will let us know when we are ready to send one of the characters back, so keep an eye on this thread and on his Twitter account.

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