The Trial of Peter Pan

Posted: 11th November 2012 by averagejoe in Uncategorized

So, Peter Pan’s Competency Hearing is well under way, and… well, it’s not looking so positive. The prosecutor is… frightening, to say the least, and not afraid to wield a large club to make his point.

And if you think that’s bad, things only got worse when he began presenting his evidence:

It certainly seems the deck is stacked against our green friend. However, there is a ray of hope: you guys. As twisted as the trial is, that first piece of “evidence” has already been dealt with. By following a mysterious message which was sent to Pan, you all discovered that the Cabal was responsible for the missing audio, which, apart from being adorable, shows the footage presented by the prosecution to be quite innocent.

Check out the audio here.

The Cabal Chat which lead to the discovery of this audio seems to indicate that they believe that locking Peter Pan away is the only way to keep him from getting into trouble. Pretty poor justification in my opinion.

Still, with both the Cabal, and this scary-ass prosecutor pushing for Pan being put away, I can only assume this first video is the tip of the iceberg. I’d keep an eye on Pan’s Facebook page for further updates.

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