Run, don’t Fly

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Well, guys, looks like we have one more Fictional on our hands. And this one has apparently managed to get himself to a heap of trouble.

Peter Pan, from the book of the same name, has apparently been in our world for quite some time… I didn’t believe it, as the connections on this one were a bit loose even for me, but other (crazier) people did. He’s been trying to go on “Adventures.” His actions have been, well, maybe not harmless, but certainly not ill-intentioned… but the police don’t seem to think so.

Several of you sent me this video of when they finally tracked him down, and now I find this video in my inbox:


The Facebook page he mentions can be found here:

I’m going to have Ed create a new forum section to discuss him, and link to the Facebook page in the sidebar.

New York Echoes Found!

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So, GuestUser17 was at it again — he retrieved the comics in New York City! I don’t know how this guy does it, to be honest, but we have two new echo comics as the result of his efforts! Once again, Mr. Administrator has extrapolated from the data we sent him to produce high quality images of the echoes. You can find those embedded below:

Still not sure what the purpose of these are, but Mr. A assures me that they will be essential to the refictionalization process. On that note, we have two more — one in Maui, HI, and one in Boston, MA. Let’s get these as soon as we can!

Also, the Cheshire Cat and Mr. A have confirmed the identities of the members of the Cabal. They are Moriarty, Morgan le Fey, The Phantom of the Opera, and Don Juan. In other news, pretty much all villains. Somehow I am not surprised.

More on the Cabal

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Oh! Before I forget.

We now know more about the Cabal than ever before.

It started with M. Poirot, who has finally met with Sweeney Todd. He was warned on Sunday by our own forumites about the dangers that the Cabal present, which led him to do a little digging. He found this archived chat session, connecting to his own case.

The Cheshire Cat had us chasing our tails yesterday with the ridiculous #RiddleTime game he likes to play. But this time, it led to more archived Cabal chats: preparation, meetplan, postmeet, announcement. Our own Zup found the archive for attack before the Cat could even make a riddle for that one.

Now, I’m not sure what the order is for these chats, but we’ve certainly been able to see more of the Cabal’s inner workings. And I believe that most of them took place before the attack on my site, if not all of them.

But that’s not all!

As a reward, the Cat showed off what he could do. He trolled the Cabal in an epic live chat, where the only response they had was WTF (ha, pun) and to outright ban him! Serves them right.

A Monstrous Find

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Well, sort of.

A couple days ago, Sherlock Holmes found this letter in a wastebin in NY.

That sounded like a cover letter for the Witch’s campaign, so we had her campaign manager, Scarab, ask her what was going on.

The Witch’s reply:

I do recognize the letter. I printed it out to review it on my trip to New York, but… events… there had me trashing the whole folder in a rage.
I’m not worried about the sender. He wasn’t nearly evil enough to join my ranks. I thought he might work anyway…but then he linked to his insipid little website on his resume, and it was filled with pathetic aspirations of nobility. I still have the resume on file, if you believe it will somehow further your own presumably evil goals.

She attached this resume, which led to this personal blog. At first, it was believed to belong to Angelus of the Cabal, who we suspect to be the Phantom of the Opera. However, we realized that it sounded much more like a different scarred figure from the literature section.

Frankenstein’s Monster, who now goes by the name of Adam, just got hired, and is writing plays in his spare time! I wonder what his plays are like…maybe he’ll give us a synopsis or something!

You can follow the discussion here.

Echoes found!

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Wow, guys, this is incredible. Two of the Fictionals echoes have been found today, and it appears they take the form of… comics? Unexpected, but still awesome.

One was found at Arby’s in Seattle, connected to Don Quixote. The other is connected to Romeo & Juliet, and was found at Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore. Both were found by GuestUser17 on twitter, who apparently organized a few of his friends to get them. Great work, dude!

Mr. Administrator has sent me versions of the comics which he enhanced with what I can only presume is weird, white-void tech. Click the thumbnails below to check them out:

Mr. A has also made it quite clear on Twitter and on the Forums that these comics will play a key role in refictionalizing the characters. No one is quite sure what that role is yet, though. Regardless, its clear that we should focus our efforts on finding the other ones — because not only will they be useful, they are also strangely awesome. We still have two know Echoes in New York, so if you know anyone in the area, go after them.  I wonder how many there still are, or who will show up next…

A frequently updated list of all known and outstanding echoes can be found here.

Instructions and help for setting up LAYAR to find the echoes is here.

Great work, guys!

Making Friends with Gorgons

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So apparently, we had an incident this week. None other that Medusa made a beeline for the cracks in the wall.  I still don’t entirely understand what goes on over there, but apparently “Gurt” needed some writing to back up his squad turning the character around… so you guys worked to provide him stuff, turning out in full force.

Well, here is the story that got the job done, written by our own narrativedilettante! Nice work. Frankly, I’m glad Medusa didn’t make it across… I can see there being problems with watching footage of a Gorgon…

Anyway, apparently Gurt is planning to send her lime cookies as a reward? No one has ever sent me lime cookies for my work… only threatening letters…

Oh, also.. we have another echo on our hands. This one is also in New York city. I’m really curious what these things are, they are probably our best chance to better understand what is going on here.

Keeping Track of Echoes

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Hey guys. To make it easier to keep track of echoes that we find, Edward and I added a new page to the sidebar. I’ll try to keep it updated with information as we get it.

Thanks to everyone’s help, we’ve already located two of them – one in New York, and another in Baltimore. Of course we won’t know what’s there until we check them out, so spread the word to anyone who can help.

Also, there’s this really cool map some of you guys made. It shows where everyone is as well as POIs and echoes. I have a feeling this will be really useful – add yourself if you haven’t already.

Someone’s annoyed.

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Mr. Administrator has recorded a response to last night’s hacking of my site by the Cabal.

I know some of you guys don’t trust him, and I don’t really understand who he is, but I’m kinda glad that he has my back.


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There are lots of dead posts here, but Edward thinks he’s going to be able to restore what the Cabal deleted, and hopefully keep them out in the future. EDIT: He did it. Yay Edward! Took you long enough.

For those of you who missed it, our site was hacked around midnight ET by the same folks who sent me letters. They edited my posts gradually to say a bunch of weird and creepy things.

Here’s an archive of the angry garbage they flooded our front page with. See below for some screencaps and a complete transcript:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Transcript, oldest to newest:

Fictionals are being oppressed in this world, chained to their stories.

We are here. We are the Cabal. And we do not want to leave.

We sent those letters.

We called Joan Lawson. A few times, actually.

Because we do not want to return to the place beyond the wall.

Perhaps you should consider not trying to send us back. Because we will come after you if you get in our way.

We do not want to hurt anyone.

We do not want to be the bad guys.

But we will be if we must.

We just want to stay. We want all of us to stay.

Do you believe in our cause as well?

If you don’t…we will destroy you.

If you do…sympathizers can find us here. See you when the clock strikes :45.

I’m…not going to be watching them too closely, personally. It’s a little too much of a trigger for me right now…considering I’m still, you know. Running away from them.

Please go here and help us stop this sort of thing from ever happening again.

New Tech From Mr. A

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Mr. A is at it again. Apparently, fictional characters leave behind traces of their activities here, and he has developed a tool to allow us to see them:

So, that’s the jist of it, I guess. If you have a smart phone, you should get this set up! Mr. A has set up a support thread on the forums here. He  is planning to announce when he finds something in the fictional’s activities that could have spun off an echo.

Furthermore, it seems like the first hotspot has already been detected. We should be reaching out to everyone we know (and don’t) in New York City, to see if someone can swing by the Plaza hotel and check out whatever these “echos” are.